James Larken

Ventrue Archeolgist


Nature: Pedagogue
Demeanor: Director
Clan: Ventrue
Generation: 10th
Haven: Shorewood
Concept: Archeologist

Physical Social Mental
Str: 2 Cha: 3 Percp: 3
Dex: 2 Man: 3 Int: 4
Stamina: 2 App: 2 Wits: 3

Talents Skills Knowledges
Empathy: 2 Drive: 1 Academics: 3
Expression: 1 Etiquette: 2 Computer: 2
Intimidation: 3 Firearms: 1 Linguistics: 3
Subterfuge: 1 Performance: 1 Occult: 2
Archeology: 3

Backgrounds Disciplines Virtues
Generation: 3 Dominate: 2 Conscience/Conviction 2
Contacts: 1 Fortitude: 1 Self Control/Instinct 4
Retainers: 2 Presence: 1 Courage 4
Resources: 4
Domain: 2

Merits/Flaws Humanity/ Path
Former Ghoul 1pt merit OOOOOO
Deep Sleeper 1pt flaw Willpower
Rival Sires 2pt flaw OOOOO
Hunted 4pt flaw Bloodpool
Iron Will 3pt merit XXXXXXXXOOOOO
Language (Spanish, Latin) 1 pt Merit
Natural Linguist 2pt Merit


I was born in 1952 to William and Beth Larken. My childhood was unspectacular as was my most of my life until September 17th 1982 when I met Donovan or the first time. I had been working in the field in Oaxaca on a dig when I ran into Donovan at a local bar that evening. I had discovered something that day in the dig, an artifact that from what I could decipher had to do with a powerful being who drank the blood of humans. From the images it appeared as a man with fangs along with a symbol I had never encountered before in my studies. I got into a discussion with Donovan about the artifact which he seemed very interested in. I found myself intrigued with him and spent the entire night in deep discussion. The next evening I met up with him again and continued our discussion on the artifact. I asked if he wanted to come to the dig the next day to see the other items that we discovered and he suggested we go now. We headed out to the dig and I started to show Donovan around. He said he had a proposal for me. He said he was a person of great wealth and resources. He was looking for someone to head up a new excavation focused on the discovery of artifacts of a particular nature. If I agreed, he would make me a very wealthy man. Of course I jumped at the chance. We went back to his estate to celebrate over a drink. I slammed my first drink and experienced a euphoria I had never felt in my life. This was the first time I drank vitae. I became Donovan’s ghoul and he did make me a wealthy man. Over the next 20 years I headed up several major excavations throughout South and Central America where I had discovered quite a few artifacts relating to vampirism throughout the region. I became realitivly well known within the Ventrue clan. I earned my professorship at the University of Milwaukee and spent my downtime learning about my master’s lifestyle. I had several other vampires approach me about becoming their protege. One in particular by the name of Xavier Wellignton really pushed me to come over to him. I let Donovan know which created a huge rift between the two and Xavier has never been the same. Finally in 2002 Donovan gave me the greatest gift he could give, eternal unlife. He turned me into his protege and I was introduced in Clan Ventrue. I spent the next 10 years learning all that I could from my sire including my linage all the way back to the time of Caine. Donovan is my sire, who was sired by Gracis Nostinus, who was sired by Marius Hellman, who was sired by Samual Smith, who was sired by Venrath, who was sired Karth, who was sired by Ventrue, who was sired by Yanosh, who was sired by Caine. I currently reside in Shorewood, WI and have “retired” from teaching but continue to write. I still have connections with the school.

James Larken

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