Clan: Malkavian
Generation: 9th
Nature: Soldier
Demeanor: Visionary
Derangement: Amnesia

Strength 4 (Never Let’s Go)
Dexterity 2
Stamina 5 (Tireless)

Charisma 3
Manipulation 3
Appearance 2

Perception 2
Intelligence 2
Wits 2

Alertness 1, Athletics 0, Awareness 1, Brawl 0, Empathy 3, Expression 0, Intimidation 1, Leadership 0, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 1.

Animal Ken 0, Crafts 1, Drive 0, Etiquette 3, Firearms 0, Larceny 2, Melee 4 (Riposte), Performance 0, Stealth 3, Survival 1.

Academics 0, Computer 0, Finance 0, Investigation 1, Law 0, Medicine 1, Occult 3, Politics 0, Science 0, Technology 0.

Auspex 0
Dementation 4
Celerity 0
Obfuscate 0

Allies, Alternate Identity, Contacts, Domain 1, Fame, Generation 4, Herd 1, Influence, Mentor, Resources, Retainers, Status.

Conscience 3
Self-Control 4
Courage 3

Willpower 3

Humanity 7

Bloodpool 10/14
Blood per Turn: 2

Tic/Twitch 1pt
One Eye 2pt
Impatient 1pt
Prey Exclusion (Policemen) 1pt

Additional Discipline (Celerity) 5pt


Ed Miller has had a rough life. Being a beat cop for Milwaukee is like babysitting a city
full of man-child’s, a bunch of ungrateful adult sized children who squabble and bicker
about every dumb thing that comes to their undersized brain. While responding to a domestic
dispute call one day a shoot out broke open and a bullet went right through his eye and nicked
his brain a bit.

Ed was in a coma for months and when he awoke his whole life had fallen apart, no
money, no family, no where to go. Also he wasn’t quite right in the head from his battle wound.
He became just another bum walking the streets and sleeping under the Milwaukee river bridges.

About a year after becoming homeless it happened. A fugue state Malkavian brought him
to his lair and turned him Kindred. The Malkavian was just as surprised as Ed when they awoke
from the ordeal. Ed’s sire introduced him as best he could into the life style but its not easy
when both parties are insane. Ed had manifested amnesia from his transformation and would go
in and out of states of understanding his new situation, they parted ways short after with no
ill feelings.

It has been 3 years since Ed transformed and has since stuck referring to himself in
his full name Edison. He has made an unlife for himself on the Milwaukee river were he had
left off. He has a few homeless who he has made his herd and shifts from bridge to bridge
along the river, sometimes forgetting where he was supposed to go home to.

He is a brute of force these days. He seems to have fully forgotten his police gun
training and only engages with his trusty Lead Pipe or Ax. He is also quite adept at
instilling others with the insanity he continually suffers from.


Milwaukee by Night Kevan