Milwaukee by Night

Edison's Scribbled Memory Log 1

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sabbat? In Milwaukee? It seems news to me, maybe I’d heard some rumors before… Anyway we interrogated some doomed humans who fought off a powerful vampire who was apparently bound to a watch… Random memories… I saw into him and understood a fear… We didn’t want to kill them but they were doomed from the start. Is Merik an honorary lunatic?

We hunted for answers which took FOREVER! I just wanted to tear them out of the webwork but couldn’t understand. I never can. Who is Raymond Fisk? Must check back to previous logs but its hard to read my handwriting, I trust myself enough to trust him.

Sabbat hanging out at Sabbatic, too easy to see. Why was he surprised by the Nosferatu? Maybe never seen one so ugly as Fisk… What is beauty? I knew the chemical pusher was up to no good. Should have killed him right there but no one believed me… Doesn’t the prince use the internet? A name log of who’s who? Known Sabbat? I could have eaten him… Should I have? Need to go with gut reaction more, the chaos guides my hand well enough.

Sabbat head was very straightforward. I should have tried to frenzy him to see how well he keeps his cool. Soon enough I hope to make him see the world as I do. The wolves tasted good.

… Where was I…?



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